Seventy percent of the earth's surface is water, our bodies are fifty to seventy percent water. Water is the birthplace of life on our planet. When we look for life on other planets we look first for water, because without water there is no life as we know it.  Over 5 million species live in the oceans: corals, fishes, whales, jellyfish, squids, octopus, creatures with shells, fins, gills all are animals with feelings, families, intelligence and great migratory and localized societies.

When it is alive and healthy water is never stagnant, it is always moving.  Attracted by trees, plants and mountains, it changes form with changes in temperature: evaporates from sea to the sky, condenses from cloud into rain, freezes into ice from liquid. Water has a special relationship to carbon, water follows carbon as it cycles throughout the planet.  More carbon in the air means more water in the air, more carbon in soil means more water in the soil.


Listen to the grandmother of ocean protection Silvia Earle’s inspiring TED Talk