The flyers, the crawlers, jumpers, those that slither, swim and those with four legs. Animals inhabit our earth, bringing richness, companionship, balance and nourishment. In our lifetime almost half the animals species alive today are threatened with extinction. The people native to the American continent speak of a time when the two legged and four legged lived together like relatives. We believe that the recognition of this kinship, and the active participation by humans to help animals survive and thrive, is essential to the restoration of ecological and emotional balance on our planet.

In addition to being involved in protecting habitat, we further believe in E.O. Wilson's "Half Earth" call-to-action to commit half of the planet's surface, land and sea, to nature. Our doing so will save 85% of all species from extinction, a tragedy that would imperil humans, as well.

We are currently looking for projects that seek to help the inland ungulates of the northern tundra including caribou and musk oxen. Please click here to submit ideas.