supporting the cycle of life

  Jena & Michael King Foundation


 Michael & Jena King Family Fund


supporting the cycle of life

  Jena & Michael King Foundation


 Michael & Jena King Family Fund


The sun, the earth, the water and the air. These are the elements of which our planet is made. They provide the pathways for energy to flow, for life to grow and die and return again and again, giving birth to new life as the cycle ends and is reborn in countless evolutions.

The work of the Jena & Michael King Foundation and Michael & Jena King Family Fund focuses on nurturing the cycle of life: energy that comes from the sun, the earth that provides the container for the seed, the water and the air that help it grow, the animals that pollinate and spread the seeds of the plant, the children that draw their nourishment from them. We do not seek to replace, control, short, or copy these fundamental capacities of the earth. We do endeavor to support those who seek to better know, to nurture actively, to play and create with and within them. As humans we have the ability to care for each other and for other beings, for the animals, for the trees, the grasslands, the air and waters and soil upon which we all, powered by this sun, depend.

Founded: 2000

Total Given: $18 MILLION

over 100 Organizations Supported

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 Jena King

Jena King was raised in California and New Zealand. Her childhood in the wilds of Marin, her exposure to the environmental sciences through her father, her education and practices as a nutritionist and yoga teacher, and her devotion to her children, have all informed and inspired her concern for the environment and human health. Jena is a philanthropist who oversees the giving of the Jena and Michael King Foundation, which she began in 2000 with her husband, Michael, who passed away in 2015. She lives in Los Angeles with their four children.

Jena is a recipient of Global Green’s Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award, and a founding member of COACH for Kids, an organization providing medical assistance to underserved children. She has served on the boards of the Environmental Media Association, Kiss the Ground and Healthy Child Healthy World (overseeing its partnership with the Environmental Working Group), and has co-produced several major documentaries. Jena currently serves on the boards of the NRDC and OCEANA, and is a member of Mayor Garcetti's L.A. Sustainability Leadership Council.


Nuna Teal

Nuna grew up on a large, diverse organic farm in Vermont that was also the site of a successful project by her father to both protect and domesticate muskoxen for the use of their fine wool by indigenous peoples of the Far North. She spent her formative years migrating between the farm and Arctic regions, living among Sami and their reindeer and the Inuit and muskoxen. After years of working and traveling around the world, studying dance and completing graduate studies in ecological anthropology, she returned to Vermont to rediscover a love for farming. From there, where she also worked for non-profit organizations, taught dance and raised two daughters, she was invited to join the Jena & Michael King Foundation in Los Angeles as its Executive Director during the 2015 U.N. Year of Soil, focusing on regenerative agriculture and climate, but also on the health and welfare of all beings and living systems. Nuna is able to draw upon her diverse experience in supporting the many aspects of the Foundation's mission. She serves on the Board of the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic & Farm to be built at Standing Rock.


Calla Rose Ostrander

Calla Rose Ostrander runs the California Carbon Project with the People Food & Land Foundation, sponsored largely by the King Foundation & Family Fund. She is a private consultant and strategic advisor to individuals and organizations committed to stabilizing earth’s climate. Over the past 5 years she has supported the scaling and adoption of carbon farming, compost production and carbon cycle education throughout California and other Western states, becoming recognized as a national leader. She serves as a Board Member of LA Compost. Prior to her work in soil carbon sequestration, she worked for 9 years in municipal climate policy with the  City of Aspen and  the City and County of San Francisco’s Climate Change programs, where she lead climate and resilience planning, green business certification, local carbon credit programs and institutional sustainability reporting. Calla Rose began her career in climate change with the environmental non-profits Earth Economics and  Rocky Mountain Institute. She attended Shining Mountain Waldorf School K-12 in Boulder Colorado and holds a BA in International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound, which she attended on a classical cello scholarship.